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Pay Per Visitor - Pricing Plan

We have developed a unique program that allows web site owners to enjoy high quality web traffic with satisfaction guaranteed.

Prices do vary and will range form $0.05 to $3.00 per visitor (visitor = unique IP address within 24 hours. Midnight to Midnight). Call toll free 1-(800) 486-8616 for your specific quote.

You will only be charged for traffic delivered to your web site. No setup fee or any additional charges or maintenance fees.

We will submit to all major search engines. Create optimized page for each phrase/keyword, and creation of  Unique URL(s). 

All traffic generated by us is new traffic that would not be generated prior to signing up with us.  Traffic is generated through the major Search Engines only.

Monthly Cap: You can also set a monthly cap on your spending for traffic. Please Call for details.

Our program does not effect your current listings with any search engines. You will continue to receive all the traffic through your existing listing, just as before. And you will not be charged for that traffic that is not generated by us.



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